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Space and Time Launches on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

M12 is excited to announce that developers can now deploy the Space and Time data warehouse directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With the one-click deployment, Azure customers can easily access, manage, and perform analytics on blockchain-native data, providing an accelerated on-ramp to the benefits of a decentralized data warehouse. In September 2022, we led […]

Announcing the M12 GitHub Fund

Committed Capital to Invest in the Future of Open Source Software We believe the open source economy is poised for explosive growth. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with GitHub to invest in the next generation of open source entrepreneurs. For nearly five decades, the development and deployment of software has been a predominantly enterprise […]

Congratulations to Inworld AI on Securing $50M Series A Funding

I am delighted to congratulate Inworld AI on the completion of its Series A round. The premise of its no-code studio platform is a game changer, and it allows creators and IP owners to build any intelligent virtual character by simply explaining the character in natural language.  It’s amazing to think about a strange, but plausible […]

Welcoming Wallaroo to the M12 portfolio

I’m excited to welcome Wallaroo –  the enterprise platform for production ML and AI – to the M12 portfolio, as lead of their Series A round. One of my favorite aspects of the diligence process is speaking with a startup’s customers. When a customer is visibly excited to speak about a company’s product during a reference […]

Welcoming Included VC Venture Fellow Ahmed Deyab

It’s my pleasure to welcome Ahmed Deyab to M12 as a venture fellow on the investment team. Based in London, Ahmed will focus on deals in the UK as well as opportunities across Europe. He joins our team from Atomico, where he worked as an investor focused on enterprise SaaS and working on the State of European Tech […]

Welcoming Palm NFT Studio to the M12 portfolio

We’re excited to welcome Palm NFT Studio— a one-stop shop for leading creators and brands to power their NFT projects across movies, games, music, and art —to the M12 portfolio as lead of their Series B funding round.  Technological and societal paradigm shifts are ushering in Web3, which will fundamentally change existing technologies, business models, and […]

Welcoming blackshark.ai to the M12 portfolio

I’m excited to welcome blackshark.ai—the company building the first semantic 3D digital twin of the structures on the surface of the Earth—to the M12 portfolio as lead of their Series A funding round, alongside Point72 Ventures.  Tremendous effort goes into mapping our world and keeping that map information fresh and up-to-date. But map data is typically […]

Welcoming GrowthSpace to the M12 portfolio

I’m excited to welcome GrowthSpace—personalized talent development at-scale—to the M12 portfolio as co-lead of their Series A round, alongside Vertex Ventures. I’ve been following the GrowthSpace team for years now, and have been impressed by their vision to make every employee great—an aspiration that emerged from their personal experiences as managers and servant leaders. While the […]

Welcoming Truepic to the M12 portfolio

I’m excited to welcome Truepic—the pioneer of provenance-based media authentication—to the M12 portfolio as lead of their Series B funding round. The rise of deepfakes and democratization of sophisticated image editing software have put both news outlets and technology companies under pressure to address the spread of disinformation and visual deception. A gamut of technologies, ranging […]

Welcoming Included VC Venture Fellow Munashe Dema

It’s my pleasure to welcome Munashe Dema to M12 as a venture fellow on the investment team.  Based in London and Berlin, Munashe will focus on deals in the UK as well as opportunities across Europe. He joins our team from Blue Future Partners where he worked as an investor-in-residence and led the creation of a pan-African […]

Michael Stewart joins M12 as newest partner

It’s my pleasure to welcome Michael Stewart to M12 as our newest investment partner. Based in San Francisco, Michael will focus on early-stage investments in deeptech and enterprise software in North America.  “I’m thrilled to join M12 at this five-year anniversary milestone to continue investing in cutting edge technology,” said Michael. “I look forward to […]

Welcoming inVia Robotics to the M12 Portfolio

I’m excited to welcome inVia Robotics—the provider of next-generation warehouse automation solutions—to the M12 portfolio as lead of their Series C round. Global ecommerce accelerated exponentially during the pandemic as more consumers shopped online to adhere to stay-at-home mandates. Top retailers have set a highly competitive pace for fulfillment and delivery with heavily automated warehouses. Across […]