The Shadow IT Implications of AI

Binary Code Illustration

As we kick off RSA in San Francisco this week, we wanted to talk about the shadow IT implications of AI. It’s a well traveled path: A new technology emerges to great excitement and fanfare. Companies and users rush to enjoy its benefits and cybercriminals close on their heels to exploit its unaddressed risks. Embarrassing […]

Why We Invested In Synth Labs, A Company Focusing On Automating LLM Alignment

Synth Labs Logo

We are thrilled to announce that M12 has co-led with First Spark Ventures, the Seed round for Synth, a startup developing leading technology for a fully auditable, transparent and robust AI alignment platform. This investment will enable them to expand their team, continue research efforts in AI alignment, evaluations, synthetic pipelines and launch their […]

Why we invested in HiddenLayer’s vision of creating safer AI application


We are excited to announce that M12 has co-led, with Moore Strategic Ventures, the $50 million Series A investment into HiddenLayer, an AI application security startup. This investment will enable them to expand their team, increase go-to-market efforts, and further invest in its award-winning Machine Learning Security (MLSec) Platform. But beyond this fantastic fundraise, here […]

M12 Perspectives: Four Themes of a New AI Startup

Thought Leadership

In October 2022, M12 was tracking a growing list of a few dozen startups that had generative AI as a key technology. Today, websites like “There’s an AI for that” list more than 5,500 companies in 1,500 categories. Buoyed by a wave of consumer enthusiasm for a resurgent vision of AI, startups can harness a […]

Space and Time Launches on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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M12 is excited to announce that developers can now deploy the Space and Time data warehouse directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With the one-click deployment, Azure customers can easily access, manage, and perform analytics on blockchain-native data, providing an accelerated on-ramp to the benefits of a decentralized data warehouse. In September 2022, we led […]

Announcing the M12 GitHub Fund

Committed Capital to Invest in the Future of Open Source Software We believe the open source economy is poised for explosive growth. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with GitHub to invest in the next generation of open source entrepreneurs. For nearly five decades, the development and deployment of software has been a predominantly enterprise […]

Congratulations to Inworld AI on Securing $50M Series A Funding

In world logo on blue background

I am delighted to congratulate Inworld AI on the completion of its Series A round. The premise of its no-code studio platform is a game changer, and it allows creators and IP owners to build any intelligent virtual character by simply explaining the character in natural language.  It’s amazing to think about a strange, but plausible […]