A powerful partner for entrepreneurs transforming the enterprise.

At M12, we are building tomorrow’s future by giving entrepreneurs unparalleled access to Microsoft’s ecosystem, guided by the experience of trusted partners who move at the pace of innovation. We invest in early-stage B2B companies, with a specific interest in those with their heads in the cloud and on the edge.

Innovators changing
what's possible
in enterprise.

Collaboration begins
on day one.


“For an enterprise SaaS company, M12 has given us a competitive advantage to be able to talk to very smart resources, to develop our platform, and to go to market together. No one has gotten us the traction they have. They’ve truly exceeded our expectations.”

— Rich Wagner CEO


“I’m impressed by the way the team operates, which is more like a venture firm. They’re fast, efficient, and very independent from corporate. It’s clear that M12 is more focused on the success of the startups they invest in, rather than from the gains that headquarters can get.”

— Mikita Mikado CEO


“We were looking for a good partnership and feedback. We got to talk about what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go, and how important it was to us and our customers to have support from Azure. Our relationship with Microsoft and M12 developed naturally after months of conversations – all in the best possible faith. It was everything that we liked and nothing that we didn’t like.”

— Nikola Bozinovic CEO

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