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Tero Collin

Head of Fund Operations and Strategy

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Tero is the head on fund operations and strategy at M12, focusing on fund performance, exit strategies, managing liquidity needs and execution, portfolio health and providing advice and support to portfolio companies on M&A and finance.

Prior to joining M12, Tero showcased his financial acumen as the leader of Microsoft’s M&A Finance team, skillfully managing around 100 diverse transactions. His role at Microsoft was further enriched through collaboration with the Business Development, Strategy, and Ventures groups. Tero is celebrated for his deep understanding of M&A, finance and business acumen, a testament to his extensive background in numerous CFO and strategic positions.

Tero’s professional path spans almost three decades, marked by pivotal roles such as the CFO for Europe and Marketing at Nokia. In these positions, he successfully navigated multi-billion-dollar business landscapes, demonstrating his prowess in both thriving and challenging economic settings.

Beyond his financial expertise, Tero has ventured into strategy formulation within the mobile device sector and spearheaded major corporate planning efforts. His tenure at Microsoft and Nokia has been crucial in shaping his wide-ranging perspective and insightful understanding of both the financial and strategic dimensions of the corporate world.

Residing in the Seattle area with his wife and daughter, Tero dedicates much of his personal time to supporting his daughter’s swimming endeavors, frequently accompanying her to practices and competitions.

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