Priyanka Mitra

Based in San Francisco
Specializing in Healthcare IT DevOps SaaS and infrastructure
Priyanka Mitra

About me

Priyanka is a partner for M12 in the Bay Area.

Prior to M12, she was an investor at Tola Capital focused on B2B enterprise software and SaaS venture and growth equity stage investing, and a researcher at Bridgewater Associates—a Connecticut-based global macroeconomic hedge fund.

Priyanka is a graduate of Harvard University, where she majored in history and science, and pursued extensive coursework in pre-medical mathematics and sciences. She has completed scientific research fellowships at Harvard Medical School in computational neurobiology, and was awarded Harvard’s David Rockefeller International Experience grant and the Harvard-University of Madrid prize to conduct macroeconomic research on global healthcare economies of scale. She was also named a Harvard College Scholar.

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