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Michael Stewart

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Michael began his investing career at Applied Ventures, where his investment areas included AI/ML hardware and software, silicon photonics, high precision robotics, and printed electronics.

He has served on the boards of twelve AV portfolio companies, including M12 portfolio company Syntiant, and Rockley Photonics (NYSE:RKLY). Prior to joining Applied Ventures, Michael spent 15 years in advanced technology development at Applied Materials and Intel Research, after postdoctoral work in a DARPA program.

Michael was co-founder of consumer electronics focused startup JUSE, and the inventor of the low cost CRAFT Cell for silicon photovoltaics.

He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business, and is an inventor on over 40 US and world patents and author of 30 peer reviewed publications.

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