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Hina is a partner at M12 in San Francisco, where she focuses on investments in AI, machine learning, infrastructure, and gaming.

With over 13 years of experience in software engineering, she brings a deep understanding to these sectors and is an expert in AI and machine learning, infrastructure, developer tools, and the cloud.

Prior to joining M12, Hina led AI Investments at Samsung Next and invested in over 10 companies, including MosaicML (acquired by Databricks), Stability AI, DynamoFL and Space & Time, among others.

Earlier, she led teams at Apple on projects in various areas. She was the directly responsible individual for some of Apple’s major initiatives, including projects in Security, iCloud accounts, Xcode, UIKit, Core ML and other features for Apple’s ecosystem. Hina holds multiple patents through her work at Apple.

Hina is a thought leader in the AI industry and has spoken at various conferences, including the Global Artificial Intelligence Virtual Conference in 2022, AI4 and other leading AI events. She is also a regular guest on podcasts such as “AI and the Future of Work.”

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