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M12: Your first-class ticket to a world of unparalleled connections, support, and credibility.

We are reinventing
corporate VC.

An investment from M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures) is a monumental start to your company’s journey with Microsoft. From day one, we are your best advocate. Our diverse and experienced team—based in North America, Europe, and Israel—works to support you every step of the way.

Agility & Autonomy

We move with the agility and pace of a startup, getting deals done quickly and focused on the value-add that we can bring to you as a collaborative partner, not just your investor. At the same time, we are also patient capital, ensuring the best outcome for your company.

Strategic Access to Microsoft

We are laser-focused on ways to proactively connect your team with Microsoft customers, partners, and internal resources. Having the world’s largest enterprise sales team at your disposal can make an immediate difference in your company’s success, credibility, and bottom line.

Unparalleled Support

All of our portfolio companies are assigned a relationship manager from our Portfolio Development team, who proactively works on your behalf to understand the needs of your business and connect you with the right people and resources to help you get where you want to be, faster.

Highly Experienced and Diverse Team

Establishing a rapport with entrepreneurs requires a team to be credible and multifaceted. The M12 team is comprised of professionals with a spectrum of expertise—investing, finance, engineering, marketing, operations—specifically suited to supporting enterprise entrepreneurs and scaling companies.

Powered by Trust

At M12, we solve problems together. From true collaboration comes trust, and from trust, exciting, even groundbreaking, solutions emerge.

We’re Committed

M12 is committed to serving the best teams and technologies that can meet the needs of an increasingly global user base and truly empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We celebrate diversity, within our team and across our portfolio. We believe that most successful companies operate with integrity and inclusivity as they innovate – and we strive to do the same in all the ways we engage the venture community and our partners.

Why M12?

M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures) was named to represent the partnership between Microsoft and entrepreneurs.

M12 is breaking the mold for corporate venture capital, with agility, fast decisions, and unsurpassed value-add. We earn the trust of founders who choose to work with us because we are agile, make decisions quickly, and move as fast as they do. We sit squarely in their corner with access to expertise, contacts, and go-to-market resources that leverage the global power of Microsoft.



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Connecting VCs and their portfolios to the Microsoft ecosystem.

At M12, our job is to help foster the growth of the best new technologies and act as a connector between visionary entrepreneurs and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Our VC relations team collaborates with other venture capital firms to develop a deep understanding of their portfolio company needs while familiarizing them with Microsoft’s product road map, vision of the future, and technical and partner priorities.