August 25, 2022

Congratulations to Inworld AI on Securing $50M Series A Funding

In world logo on blue background


Michael Stewart

I am delighted to congratulate Inworld AI on the completion of its Series A round. The premise of its no-code studio platform is a game changer, and it allows creators and IP owners to build any intelligent virtual character by simply explaining the character in natural language. 

It’s amazing to think about a strange, but plausible world where virtual characters could be intelligent, relevant, multi-present, and marquee brands for their owners – but here we are. Inworld AI’s work in generative AI is giving us the potential for entertaining and fresh character elements that will inhabit social media platforms, games, metaverses, and billions of smart AI edge nodes.

The potential for Inworld AI to define a completely new and successful service layer atop cloud-served NLP models is a key reason we first invested in its seed extension and now Series A. The leading thinking is that within the next five years, 10% of all data will be produced by generative AI models, and Inworld AI’s capabilities will allow folks of all skill levels to define how players in future immersive worlds will think and interact with each other and us.

With this latest round of funding, the company will be able to move even faster and support enterprises who wish to grow their presence in the metaverse with AI-powered brand representatives or NPCs in your favorite game. 

M12 is committed to helping them achieve this goal and we’re exploring opportunities to support their growth. From product integrations to customer introductions, and utilization of Azure and the Microsoft Co-Sell program, our collaboration areas are just getting started. I look forward to seeing the many innovations and applications come to light as Inworld AI ramps up its offering.