June 24, 2021

Congratulating env0 on a successful Series A



We’re thrilled to lead the Series A round of env0—a provider of automated, collaborative, remote-run workflow management for cloud deployments.

Cloud infrastructure scale is rapidly increasing, evolving from the traditional single instance model to several smaller instances. The modern, distributed approach escalates application complexity and requires resource elasticity. To manage these environments, enterprises use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools to provision and monitor cloud resources.

env0 is a SaaS cloud management platform that automatically and proactively aligns infrastructure usage to business needs and priority applications. The leadership team behind the solution has a vision to make the power of IaC ubiquitous. 

A true category innovator, env0 provides multi-framework support (e.g. Terraform and Terragrunt), custom flows, IaC GitOps workflows, cost estimation and cost actual monitoring, and Policy as Code using the Open Policy Agent. The solution fully integrates with CI/CD pipelines and delivers full CLI support.

“After moving our cloud deployments to Terraform, we required an automation layer to streamline both mundane and more advanced IaC automation processes. We found the env0 platform to be feature rich, offering unique capabilities such as custom flows. In the end, it was a very effective solution that simplified our Terraform workflows and improved collaboration.”

– Amit Daniel | DevOps Team Lead | JFrog

We initially participated in env0’s seed round in July 2020, impressed by the founding team’s entrepreneurial experience. CEO Ohad Maislaish and CTO Omry Hay both have extensive technical backgrounds with deep cloud computing expertise and a great track record of working together previously at a venture scale startup.

I’m excited to continue the partnership with other existing investors from Boldstart Ventures, Grove Ventures, and Crescendo Venture Partners, and look forward to serving as a board director with this latest funding round.

Congratulations to Ohad, Omry, and the entire team on this major milestone. env0 is empowering DevOps leaders, and the next generation of cloud deployments! We look forward to your continued growth.