About me

At M12, Tanya works with leading edge startups and Fortune 500 companies to ignite innovation, solve priority problems, and identify opportunities for improved performance and growth.
Tanya brings a diverse background spanning enterprise, healthcare, consumer, and entertainment. Prior to M12, Tanya served as vice president of marketing and client experience at Spring Fertility, which she helped launch in 2016. She was an operating partner at Stacked Venture Builder, which acquired Markkit, the seed-funded mobile gaming and commerce startup she co-founded. Tanya was an early team member at Yammer, which she helped scale through its acquisition by Microsoft in 2012. She also managed business development at the Thinkwell Group and global distribution for 20th Century Fox.
Tanya has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts from Yale. She is a founding board member of the Leadership Foundation of India.