Tamara Steffens

Managing Director

Location: SF


Tamara leads investing and VC partnerships for M12 in North America and India, and is the executive sponsor of the fund’s Female Founders Competition. She is an experienced operator and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley at both startups and large tech companies. Her last startup was Acompli, a mobile productivity app, where she led sales and business development. Microsoft acquired Acompli (now Outlook mobile) in 2014, after which Tamara went on to lead business development for the broader Office 365 organization.

Prior to Acompli, Tamara successfully helped lead several startups to either IPO or acquisition, including Software.com, Boingo, Fusion One and Path. She began her tech career at Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics, and has deep industry expertise across financial services, telecom, education and mobile.

As a serial entrepreneur, Tamara understands fundraising from the perspective of the entrepreneur and is a valuable GTM advisor. She has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Michigan State University, where she currently sits on the Marketing Leadership Advisory Board.