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Founded 2013
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WorkBoard's Microsoft Teams integration enabled more strategic selling

What does WorkBoard do?

Business leaders aiming to deliver on a big vision must translate long-term strategy into more immediate milestones so that everyone on their team understands the specific workstreams to prioritize. Without transparency on short-term objectives and key results (OKRs), teams can lose focus and alignment with the company’s overall goals.

CEO Deidre Paknad founded WorkBoard after experiencing firsthand how unclear priorities can stall growth during her time as a business unit leader at IBM (after a startup that she founded was acquired). She became passionate about creating an OKR platform that would make business processes more data-driven, transparent, and scalable.

“When we started, there were no other applications to identify, document, and measure OKRs. Instead, people would present decks in meetings and all hands,” says Paknad. “That’s no way to align teams on strategic goals. Imagine a company with 10,000 teams of 7 to 10 people each. It’s not scalable.”

CIOs and CEOs are often looking for ways to drive Microsoft Teams adoption in their organizations. Being able to align tools is very synergistic and delivers high impact."

What support does M12 provide?

Her passion, the increasing interest in OKRs, and the company’s early-mover advantage and customer traction were a few of the reasons that M12 invested in WorkBoard. As an M12 portfolio company, WorkBoard gets support from Microsoft for integrating with its products, including Microsoft Teams.

Deidre Paknad, CEO and Co-founder at WorkBoard

M12 is a perfect example of what strong alignment and accountability really look like. They represent best-in-class. M12 is founder-friendly because it’s actually about me building the business."

Microsoft Teams integration is particularly helpful for targeting enterprises, especially now that many are using it for communication and collaboration. Now more than ever, clarity on objectives and ensuring accountability on driving key results is critical.

“Companies use WorkBoard inside Microsoft Teams all the time; for example, during business reviews. You can easily check how different teams are doing on their OKRs. Are they doing great or did progress flatten out? Having the data in front of you ensures a business review is more than just a conversation,” says Paknad.

What was the outcome?

The Microsoft Teams integration with WorkBoard also provides momentum to shift collaboration and communication from shadow IT apps to Microsoft Teams, and it adds to the appeal of the OKR platform. Such synergies have led WorkBoard and Microsoft to start approaching enterprises jointly with an offering that’s stronger together.

“CIOs and CEOs are often looking for ways to drive Microsoft Teams adoption in their organizations,” Paknad says. “Being able to align tools is very synergistic and delivers high impact.”