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Accelerating growth through joint sales with Microsoft What does Zencity do? Zencity works with local governments around the world that want to make their cities operate better—ones that strive to offer residents not only more efficient government operations, but also a higher quality of life. As the company’s motto says: “We believe in cities. We […]


Landing Microsoft Customer Service & Support as a customer What does Unbabel do? In a world of nearly limitless consumer choice, customer experience has become just as crucial to successful products as more traditional factors such as product functionality or price point. Getting the customer experience right requires focus, nuance, and domain-specific intelligence. And today, […]


Microsoft adopts Directly’s expert-on-demand solution to enhance the customer support experience Microsoft must maintain the highest levels of customer experience even when demand surges, such as during major product and service launches. In these situations, to supplement in-house customer support resources, crowdsourced specialists from Directly provide the on-demand expertise that Microsoft needs. The innovative solution from Directly […]


Authomize taps M12 Expert Network to bring automated authorization to the world What does Authomize do? Authomize delivers a unique automated identity and authorization management platform that helps companies address the universal problem of permissions management. Oftentimes, an enterprise will grant unnecessary permissions to systems and data because of a lack of visibility and controls, increasing […]


Just-in-time support to unlock digital customer access What does Acerta do?  For the auto industry, embracing innovation and efficiency while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards is a top priority. Enter Acerta, whose two analytics platforms, LinePulse and AutoPulse, improve safety and reduce costs by optimizing the entire automotive lifecycle, from the assembly line to […]