Friends in high places.

M12’s portfolio development team makes “value add” an understatement.


Support and Scale

All VCs say they add value to their portfolio companies with a variety of operational services and networking opportunities. But at M12, we completely raise the bar on supporting enterprise-focused entrepreneurs. The Portfolio Development team at M12 was specifically built to help support and scale companies by leveraging the expansive power of Microsoft.

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Navigate the Microsoft Ecosystem

Navigating the Microsoft ecosystem can be very complex for a startup company. Our job is to make that easy for you, helping you unlock the right opportunities to help you grow your business.

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Build Relationships

Every member of the Portfolio Development team was hired because of their network, relationships, and knowledge of how the Microsoft machine works. Each portfolio company is assigned a relationship manager—an insider at Microsoft who proactively finds opportunities on your company’s behalf. M12 gives you the credibility and star-power to open doors across the globe that may have otherwise been unavailable to you.

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Your M12 relationship manager will proactively connect you with powerful people and valuable opportunities and help you develop relationships that will accelerate your business growth.


M12 hosts events large and small to help amplify the visibility of our portfolio companies. From speaking engagements and panels, to more intimate dinners with key influencers, our goal is to help you make the right connections.


The M12 team has extensive expertise in a variety of backgrounds to support entrepreneurs’ go-to-market efforts – from product and marketing to finance and operations. And they will help you unlock the potential of Microsoft’s GTM resources.

Co-Sell Opportunities

Leveraging one of the world’s largest enterprise sales teams has distinct advantages. M12 portfolio companies enjoy global co-sell opportunities with Microsoft.

Microsoft Technology

Every portfolio company receives licenses to MS technologies—including Azure and Office— to help bolster your bottom line.

Engineering & Product Resources

For companies who may not already be on the Microsoft technology stack but want to be, we offer priority status to work with our solution architects to help make the migration.